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Harvest House Community Garden’s mission is to provide:

  • Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers to the Patrons of the Harvest House Food Pantry as well as Garden Volunteers and Neighbors.

  • Environmental improvement through sustainable gardening practices and encouraging wildlife & pollinators.

  • A beautiful and functional gathering space, where everyone is welcomed and valued.

  • Education on sustainable gardening, empowering and equipping people to grow their own food at home.

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Harvest House Community Garden grows vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers for people in the area with no cost.


It is a communal Garden run by community volunteers to help neighbors who want fresh, natural food. Food is harvested fresh for each individual visitor during a tour around the Garden.


Our sustainable and natural gardening techniques are meant to mimic nature, while reducing the amount of weeding, watering, fertilizing and pest control.

We also work with the Pierce County Master Gardeners to offer science based gardening resources and advice.  

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