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Harvest House Power Packs Details:

  • Non-perishable food kits which are assembled and distributed to school kids from the Bethel School District each week.

  • We currently prepare and deliver 275-290 power packs for kids each week.

  • Serving Frontier Middle School, Graham Kapowsin High School, Nelson Elementary, Graham Elementary, Kapowsin Elementary, North Star Elementary,  Centennial Elementary, Cougar Mountain Middle School, Rocky Ridge Elementary, Pioneer Valley Elementary, and Liberty Middle School.

  • We also provide Christmas dinner boxes each year for designated families. These boxes are made to order for each individual family and their needs, coming fulling loaded with all the fixing for a full Christmas dinner. 


Harvest House Power Packs are supplied to school children suffering with food insecurity. Working closely with school counselors, parents and the community, we help insure that children have nutritious food options over the weekends.

If you know of a child that is in need of food for the weekend, please contact the child's school counselor.


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